The Orientation Program

Introduction to Silent University Orientation Program - Ahmet Öğüt

Initiator: Ahmet Öğüt
Program coordinator: Yelta Köm
Consultant: Pelin Tan

Organized in collaboration with Kunstverein in Hamburg and 17th Istanbul Biennial, with additional support by SAHA

Orientation program including a number of online lectures and on-site gathering. The lectures will focus on acting beyond the limitations of border politics and how to act in solidarity with collectives around the world. Invited Silent University Lecturers including Fahima Alnablsi, who studied Politics and Economy at the Damascus University in Syria and is the main coordinator of the Silent University in Stockholm; Bridget Fonkeu, a member of the management team for the Silent University in Ruhr, who immigrated as a refugee from Cameroon in 1998 and got her M.A. in English Linguistics at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany; Pelin Tan, Silent University Consultant; Suha Nabhan and Amal Jibril, co-founders of Migration Jam and Silent University members based in Istanbul; Mine Boztaş and Irem Somer from İmece İnisiyatifi Derneği, an initiative which carries on activities for establishing a lifebased on universal values and eliminating discrimination, injustice and poverty; Salah Zatar and Odugbesan Abimbola, members of the management team for the Silent University in Hamburg and many others.

Lecture of The Month:

Amal Jibril and Suha Nabhan

Silent University Members and Co-founders of Migration Jam

Amal Jibril and Suha Nabhan introduce their project Migration Jam, a storytelling platform that aims to share inspiring and empowering stories of refugees and migrants Through hosting cultural and educational events; producing visual and audio content; and developing strategic communication campaigns they hope to change the current mainstream narrative on migration.

Migration Jam - Amal Jibril & Suha Nabhan

Questions & Answers

Amal Jibril and Ahmet Öğüt, Suha Nabhan and Yelta Köm*

*Silent University Orientation Program Coordinator

Amal Jibril & Suha Nabhan - Questions & Answers